When I was asked to create a bowl with multiple stories I took the challange straight away. One for each season. They told me which things, animals and flowers have meaning to them.

Once working on the bowl, I was contacted by friends of the couple who commisioned the bowl. The friends wanted to gift the bowl to them and add a few extra elements, which had meaning to their friendship. I was very happy to accomodate this, making the story bowl even more special and meaningful to the future owners.

Spring: sheep with lamb, tulips and a flying birds.

Summer: A rabbit and roses. Tiny bird sitting on the sign “open tuin”. They used to have a public garden day each year in June, hence the sign “open garden”.

Autumn: anemones, autumn leaves and another rabbit.

Winter: snowman, bare branches and a robin redbreast.

Christmas: the nativity scene and an angel.

‘t Klooster where the friends all used to meet in Zelzate (B) sunflower and a mouse.