Last week I received my new fair-trade and hand-made jewellery gift boxes from Nepal. I already had similar boxes for a while for my story bowls:

It took me a while to come up with the right sizes for my jewellery boxes, preferable would fit letterbox mail, to keep shipping cost low and be versatile in use at the same time.
All the boxes, both my story bowl boxes as my jewellery boxes are made by 2 small Nepalese companies. I know the money they earn from making my boxing goes straight to their, and their employees, families to make their lives better. One company makes the felt for the lining, this companies employs on 10 women en 4 men. Very often the women are the sole provider in a Nepalese family. The other company employs 7 women and 2 men; they make the paper and the boxes. A company called STRAID  in the Netherlands liaisons between me and the companies in Nepal. They got a nice website and webshop with all sorts of handmade good from around the world.

And here they are, in the typical Two Trees lime green colour:

I had them made in 3 sizes: 
2 for necklaces, earrings, bracelets and such which are also fine for letterbox mail 
and one taller for rings, cuff-links, …

The interior is lined with black felt, 
the lid has black paper on the inside and my logo and name printed in silver.

The boxes close with a typical Eastern closure a tiny stick slots though a loop of paper.
 I’m real proud to have these lovely boxes the compliment my jewellery.