Made just for you

Custom made pieces are some of my favourites to create, most are meant for gifts from one special person to another and usually for a special occasion. It is an honour to be part of some one’s life that way.

The custom pieces I create are numerous and vary greatly form my story bowls, to lighting, jewelry, sugar pots, chess sets (owls1, owls2, animals1, hares and turtles, animals2, ), cups, sculptures, urnes or memory vessels and cake toppers.

Allow at least 6-8 weeks processing time for custom made pieces.

After you contacted me and  I have a good idea of what you expect I can give you a price and processing time. Once a deposit is paid I start working on it. I will keep you posted during the process and small things can still be tweeked, solong as it isn’t fired.


Please let me know which piece I may create custom for you:

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