Patina and I met at an exhibition in November 2016 where we were both showing our work. We got on well, as it sometimes happens, it just clicked :)  Patina draws and paints, her work is unlike anything I had seen before and I was immediately drawn to it. Check out her website or facebook page to see her work.

An idea took shape to work together, I would upcycle old frames with porcelain creatures and Patti would make a matching drawing or painting. We started by choosing some old frames from the collection in my attic, left by the previous owners. We chose a pair of gold frames with some damaged. Than we had to decide on a theme, very soon we agreed on bugs.

I had made a template of the size of the frames and had posted these to Patti so she was working on the paintings, while I was making bugs. We wanted to have it all ready for an art fair where Patti would participate in March.

Porcelain clay stained a dark greenish / black was shaped into bugs:

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Next they were fired and glazed:

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Meanwhile in Patti’s workspace she started to work on the oil paintings:

Early February Patti came to see me and pick up the frames. I had just fired all the glazed insects before she arrived. After some puzzling the nearly 200 individually made insects found their spot on the frames; I cast these in resin. This brought out the gold colour of the frames, makes the frames stronger (the plaster was quite delicate in places), protects the porcelain and makes it into one piece. Well two pieces as there are two frames :) While the last layer of resin dried overnight we went out for a lovely meal. In the morning we couldn’t wait to see the result and see how the (unfinished) paintings would look in their frames.

A detail of the frames:

When the paintings were finished, the needed to be framed, a delicate job!

On 18 and 19 of March 2017 they went on display for the first time at the Art Fair Brabant in Breda, Netherlands.

We are so happy with the result that we already started our next project. The interest on the fair, even in just the first few hours, confirmed that we are not the only ones who like our combined work, so keep track of our work on our facebook pages (patina vaz dias art) (two trees) or my instagram.